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Building the Future

The Virtual Office

How would you conduct induction, training and any form of interactivity in today’s world – with all the constraints that we already have?

Tryitowl and Virtual Escapes have created a great option for you. A fully customizable virtual office that can be conducted as a mission. Think of it as a mission to succeed, to move around in an office, to find various items, view videos and in the process to learn all about your company too. 

Click and drag, look around. This is what your team will experience. Also possible to view as a full screen and on any device. If you would like to take this up a notch, we can make it VR ready too.


How else would you see? 

A creative and innovative way to allow your inductees and new hires to “experience” your organization as best as you can offer. It’s time to be creative and innovative. 


Fully Customizable

Custom Content & Design

Think it up, or let us give you a workflow and samples. It’s fully customisable for content and design. We can ensure that your visitors / new hires have a great custom experience. 

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