Why Themed

Joining Kits are one of your first touchpoints to make an impression. More so in this age of virtual inductions and WFH. Don’t be generic. Don’t lose the opportunity to impress. 

Every item in your joiing kit needs to be a part of a story. It needs to link to everything the organization is about. 

Let us show you how


Sustainability is not just a concept anymore. Its the way forward!

It’s not just about environmentalism. In the corporate world, it is associated with the organisation’s approach. Every organisation can make a small effort towards the greater good. At Perfios, we want to take one step at a time and our first step is to reduce plastics. This is our way of making that change and we hope that every one of you will follow in every small way possible.



Sustainability drives purpose and purpose drives change. All the products chosen for your kits, have a story to tell. A story of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Every product is either made from natural/ organic/ recycled material, thus helping in a sustainable  way of life.


For maximum impact and to reduce infant attrition, we suggest the joining kits  be made into 3 parts, each of which will be sent once in 3 weeks. This helps to build curiosity, will help retain employees and in case anyone decides to quit in the very first month, you will save costs by not having to invest in the remaining one or two kits for the person.The 3 parts of the joining kit have been made to ensure there is continuity.


There are many....

  • Builds curiosity
  • Brings down infant attrition
  • Increases Retention
  • 3X Branding opportunity
  • Saves Cost
  • Themed 7 Consistent story

The biggest advantage – You are driving a ‘Change’.

    The sets & Their stories…

    It is important to showcase to the employees that they come first. The first box is therefore a “For You” box. It will have a set of things that is for the person, not the desk, not the work and not for anyone else. The products in this box are made from natural or recycled material. The black book for example uses very less water and no chemicals for bleaching, when compared to a regular book.

    The second box is a “For your work” box that will have a set of things that people can use for their work. Most of the  products listed below are made from a material called ecofelt. Ecofelt is a fabric made by recycling plastic bottles. A minimum of two bottles are used for one coaster. This number obviously goes upwards depending on the product.

    The third box is to showcase the symbiotic relationship between an organisation and its employee’s wellbeing. It is a  “For your wellness” box. Curated with products that are made from natural/ organic material, these products are for personal use.


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    For you

    Curated items for the new hire...stationery, coffee mug, bag and more

    For your Workspace

    Desktop organiser, laptop sleeve, coasters, tray - all in eco felt and possibly an LCD writing pad to save some paper too

    For your Wellness

    Anti stress roll ons, neem comb, wooden uni sex razor

    For you…

    • Black books
    • White pencils
    • Tote canvas bag
    • Coffe mug made of orange peels
    • Sipper made from Pine needles
    • DIY seed planting kit 

    For your work…

    • Ecofelt Desktop Organiser
    • Ecofelt Laptop Sleeve
    • Ecofelt Coasters
    • Ecofelt Tabletop Tray
    • Ecofelt Pen stand
    • LCD Writing pads
    • Cardboard VR headset

    For your wellness…

    • Set of 3 relaxing roll ons for stress, happiness & peace
    • Neem Comb
    • Charcoal & Bamboo toothpaste
    • Wooden Razor
    • Paper bag potpourri


    Based on your final choice of products, packaging will be designed taking into account your branding elements, messaging and your costs. 

    Let's make it happen


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