Digital Employee engagement

Your Need

A set of digital experiences for you that requires collaboration, communication, better decision making and time management. Additionally, the experience will  foster efficiency, respect for one another, team interactivity and a whole lot of fun.


We understand digital employee engagement thoroughly and conducting quality programs, organisation wide. Not just the design, gamification elements, engagement or aesthetics but also the tech, the data privacy and typical areas of concern.


Having worked with 144,000 + people, with 7300 training days in 40 countries over the last 13 years, we are a Learning organisation with a big heart for people! We recognise that Learning and bonding happens when it is seen as fun and engaging.

Activity Suggestions

Based on our understanding,  we describe the activities that we recommend for your digital employee engagement experience. Scroll down further for what all you get when partnering with us. We think you’ll love the options and what it brings to your group

90-120 minutes of engagement with 4 fun activities (including the virtual escape)


Escape Room, Music, Quiz, Bingo and Social wall


Matrix |Music | Multi choice | Interactive | Fun


Immersive 2D and 3D style fun games


Browser based, no downloads

The activities and details

A Modern Day Virtual Escape:

The Containment Lab


Escape Room, Code Hacking, Mission


Matrix, not sequential. Higher engagement


Immersive 3D with VR ready option


Browser based, no downloads

Lab_lobbySnap Content

A deadly pathogen has been released in a lab. You have 60 minutes to unlock the laptop that contains all the information regarding the pathogen. You and your team must work in haste else you could be infected.

Click on the screen, and drag to look around. Find objects to click and see if you can solve it


Collaboration | Communication | Problem Solving | Team Work Decision Making | Time Management | Immersive Tech | Respect for everyone’s ideas and opinion |

A Quiz, a Bingo Session, a “private” social wall & a Virtual Beats

Virtual Escape packages

A virtual Bingo session (housie), A social wall and a custom quiz, a virtual drum circle with a lot of energizers and fun, AND the containment lab – a virtual escape. 

It’s not virtually a great deal, it’s literally a great deal


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Virtual Beats

Neural Clicks - Trivia

Social Wall

What you get

Working with us is more than just game engagement. Given below is a set of features


SSL certified, browser based solution with ZERO download or information capture

Fully Customisable

We build the activities. We don’t just rent them out. So if you’d like to have your own branding, your communication, your culture and values showcased through the activity, it’s all possible

For Teams

Choose whether you’d like to play this individually or as groups or as teams. We have mapped out the process for each so you will still be a winner – as a participant and an organization

Facilitated or un-facilitated: your choice

Some groups would prefer to run the activity by themselves. Others would prefer to have a facilitator on board to guide them. We’ll let your team decide

Super Fast

With the work-from-home situation, we recognize that not everyone will have the blazing fast speeds you offer in offices. No worries – a hotspot tethered to a 3G connection will load just as fast

Branded Solution (pricing may vary)

You’re offering something cool to your employees. Let’s not do this as a halfway solution. We’ll provide you a custom subdoamin, a branded microsite and showcase your messaging too. It’s on us

A Branded Solution

When you are pitching something so wonderful to your employees, it’s all the more important to showcase your message too. We can customise the activity, the microsite, the sub-domain and literally everything else to make this an effective channel for your communication too.

Just let us know what you need

What you Get

Browser Based Solution

Tested with over 8000 participants

Team / individual activity

Easy Batch Scheduling

100% Engagement

Bespoke solution (if needed)

Assumptions | Terms | Conditions

Group Size

Scheduling (lead time in days)

Minimum Commitment (pax)


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